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State Rep. donates kidney to her ex-husband. Deb Conroy says gift was as much for her children as for him

By Dee Longfellow For The Elmhurst Independent   “When it’s the father of your children, it’s about family. It’s always about family.” Those were the words of State Representative Deb Conroy sharing the news that she had donated a kidney to her former husband Tim. “More than anything, it was […]

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Summerfest in VP opens June 15-16

By Dee Longfellow For The Elmhurst Independent The Village of Villa Park is gearing up for this year’s Summerfest, which will take place Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16 in the Ardmore Business District at Ardmore and Park Blvd. next to the Illinois Prairie Path. Friday will be “date […]