The Superior Ambulance Services Elmhurst Cycling Classic returns on June 8 with exciting changes

The Superior Ambulance Services Elmhurst Cycling Classic returns to Wilder Park and Elmhurst University on June 8th. Since Elmhurst last welcomed elite bike racers in 2019, there have been several notable and exciting changes.

Many Elmhurst residents are familiar with the day of bike racing that took place around Elmhurst University and Wilder Park each July from 2013 to 2019. The race provided the community with an opportunity to get up-close to the action as they watched elite cyclists lap Elmhurst University in an exciting show of speed, strength, and bike handling. But in 2020, the Covid pandemic forced the event directors to cancel the event, and put the future into question.

In late 2020, after thoughtful consideration of the impact of Covid on Elmhurst businesses and our community, the board of the DuPage Cycling Foundation took the conservative route to cancel the race in 2021 as well. As a result, Elmhurst is no longer part of the series of races formerly known as the Intelligentsia Cup. That decision, however, enabled Elmhurst and the race committee to pursue some exciting changes as they plan the event’s return this year.

First, the event now includes the inaugural Elmhurst Twilight Mile, a running race held on the same course, in front of the same crowds. Powered by Coach Charlie Kern and CK Running, the race presents an opportunity for runners to go for a PR in the mile, and some of the area’s faster runners will go for the $2,000 in prize money up for grabs. The race is already getting the attention of some of the region’s fastest runners as well as runners who simply want to chase a PR and enjoy the crowds and the exciting venue in Elmhurst.

The second noteworthy change is that Elmhurst was selected as the Illinois State Criterium Championship. Teams from across the state voted, and Elmhurst was chosen as the preferred venue by a significant margin. This means racers from across Illinois will make the trip to Elmhurst seeking the championship title. There will be races across several categories – from newer racers in the morning to elite racers in the afternoon.

Next, Elmhurst has partnered with a long-time Chicago racing team – the South Chicago Wheelmen – to host a second day of racing. Racers earn points in both events that count towards the overall omnium prize money. This is an additional incentive for racers to come to Elmhurst and teams from across the Midwest will be staying in Elmhurst hotels.

We are excited to announce that the Elmhurst Park District will be the host of the Family Fun Ride June 8th. Families who pre-register at Courts Plus for this free ride will be entered in a raffle for a new bike, courtesy of Kelly Stetler Real Estate and J & R Cycles. Families of all ages are welcome to ride the course and enjoy an evening in the community.

Lastly, the race will now be held on a Saturday, not a Friday like years past. The race committee hopes this makes it easier for fans to come to Wilder Park to enjoy the show, spend time in the Expo area, and cheer on the runners and cyclists. It should also reduce the burden on residents during a weekday.

Residents along the course will have a front-row seat to the racing. Many residents are hosting parties, and some are hiring bands to celebrate the action with friends. It is worth the walk to “the Chicane” at Elm Park and S. Hagans to see the elite racers navigate the S-turn at high speed. Elmhurst has a reputation among elite cyclists as a very-welcoming venue, and several pro and elite teams will stop by the house parties afterward to engage with the residents.

Like any large community event, the Elmhurst Cycling Classic relies on community-minded volunteers and sponsors to make it happen. Superior Ambulance Services will be the Title Sponsor providing care and transport for athletes who suffer a

mishap during the intense racing. Many other sponsors, large and small, have stepped up to bring back the event back. The Elmhurst Cycling Classic is a great opportunity to showcase Elmhurst, our businesses and our vibrant City Centre and Spring Road business districts. Stop by the expo arena at Wilder Mansion and support those who make Elmhurst a wonderful place to live.

The entire day is promoted by the DuPage Cycling Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that uses cycling-related events to help those in need and the charities that serve them. Per Race Director and foundation President, Tim Radcliff, “The DuPage Cycling Foundation is trying to accomplish three objectives on June 8th: Offer a healthy-lifestyle event for athletes and families, host a community-building and bonding day, and lastly, help those among us in need and the charities that serve them. All these objectives help make DuPage County a wonderful place to live.”

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