Council Capsules; Here’s what’s going on at Elmhurst City Hall

By Dee Longfellow

    At the Elmhurst City Council meeting on Monday, June 17, the following actions took place:

• Desiree Chen-Menichini and Sarah Diamond were re-appointed to the City of Elmhurst and Elmhurst University Commission. Both terms will end in 2027.

• A temporary use liquor license was approved for the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation Craft Beer Fest to be held on Saturday, Sept. 14.

• Based on a recommendation of the Public Affairs and Safety (PAS) Committee, Council approved the installation of the traffic control signage at the Michigan Street and Gladys Avenue intersection. Stop signs are to be added to the northbound and southbound approaches, creating an all-way stop control intersection.

City staff reported that the intersection had been experiencing about one accident per year over the past four years. Three of the four crashes involved an eastbound vehicle striking a north/south car.

The staff report said the existing site distance restriction at the northwest corner, which could be contributing to the eastbound vehicle crashes. The report said it is believed the area experiences a high number of cut-through traffic from a nearby shopping center.

• Construction bids for the building of the Elmhurst History Museum’s public performance space were rejected because all three bids were well above the amount the City has specified in the budget. The museum was awarded a grant in the amount of $698,500 from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to develop a small, outdoor public performance space on the museum’s campus at 120 E. Park Ave.

The lowest bid was received from Construction Inc. in Lombard, but its bid was $857,732. Because the bids were significantly more than the budgeted amount, City staff recommended rejecting the bids and go about a rebidding process with revised construction dates for late fall after the Craft Beer Fest.

• In a separate measure, council approved a conditional use permit for the construction of the outdoor theater on the grounds of the Elmhurst History Museum, as well as a conditional use permit for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) with site development allowance for the property at 120 E. Park Ave.

• The purchase of 2,500 tons of rock salt was approved in the amount of $73.90 per ton, not to exceed a total of $240,175. This will be used in the 2024-25 winter season.

• A recommendation of the Public Works and Buildings (PWB) Committee was approved for a bid submitted by PCSI in the amount of $156,912 for a custodial maintenance contract for the City’s parking decks and pedestrian tunnels for the period of 2024-27.

Facilities maintained under this contract will include the parking decks of Addison, Adelaide, Hahn, Larch, Schiller, and the pedestrian tunnels at North and Myrtle, at North and Emroy, and at the Elmhurst Metra station.

• There was a Majority Report and a Minority Report from the Finance, Council Affairs and Administrative Services (FCAAS) Committee about the Municipal Electric Aggregation Program Renewal. The Majority Report, signed by FCAAS Chair, Alderman Noel P. Talluto (4th Ward), and Aldermen Chris Jensen (3rd) and James Nudera (5th) for the City to enter into a two-year agreement with MC2 for the ComEd match electric aggregation program.

The Minority Report was submitted by Alderman Rex Irby (7th) and suggested the City Council allow the existing one-year contract with MC-Squared to expire and allow the automatic transfer of accounts back to standard ComEd service. Ultimately, the Majority Report prevailed.

• The next City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 1.