After primary race, many wonder what’s next for local politician Pete DiCianni

By Dee Longfellow

The primary election is over and it’s pretty clear that DuPage County appears to be turning blue from its former red Republican majority at most every level – from Township to County to downstate Springfield, the Republicans have been able to ride the wave started long ago with former Illinois Senate President James “Pate” Philip, who recently passed away, and former Illinois House Speaker Lee Daniels.

One of the casualties from Primary Election Day was Elmhurst’s own Pete DiCianni, who was trying to be a candidate for DuPage County Recorder – as a Democrat. The changing of his political party had many people scratching their heads, as he had always served as a Republican in all his previous endeavors.

The winner of the Democratic Primary for County Recorder was Elizabeth “Liz” Chaplin with 31,713 votes, or 50.61%, followed by incumbent Kathleen V. Carrier with 18,955, or 30.25% of the vote. DiCianni trailed with 11, 991, or less than 20% of the vote. Chaplin will face a Republican challenger in the General Election in November.

DiCianni has been the brunt of jokes recently about his change in political party. Asked if he thought changing parties hurt him, he responded as follows in a facebook post:

“While this election unfortunately didn’t go our way, I want to thank all of those who did support me along with the many volunteers who helped along with my family who is always there especially Rosie and my sisters. Congratulations to Commissioner Chaplin for her hard-fought victory and I look forward to helping her in November. Chin up, smile on and back to work and family and helping wherever I can.”

After this statement was placed on facebook, the Independent asked DiCianni if he had anything further to say, especially to the Elmhurst residents.

“I think the facebook statement is where I’ll leave things,” he said.

With a follow-up question of “What’s next for Pete DiCianni?” he mentioned that his business, DiCianni Graphics in Addison, had just garnered some new equipment that would represent a big expansion for his company.

Meanwhile, the former Elmhurst mayor seems to be happy spending time with his new grandson!