District 88 shares important information regarding 2024-25 course registration

    The administration of School District 88 recently released the following information to assist students and their families to with course registration.

District 88 is focused on meeting the needs of all D88 students, providing multiple and flexible pathways for them to find success after graduation. District 88 continues to work with colleges, universities and local area businesses to enhance these options. These collaborations and pathways are critical to assist with the labor shortage and to connect students to hands-on, immersive experiences, as well as certifications, internships, credentials and scholarships. The focus is to connect students with viable short-term and long-term career options, as well as work-based learning opportunities to provide a supported pathway through their future pursuits.

    •       District 88 students have access to college-level and dual-credit classes, as well as externally credentialed and dual-credit career pathways, in areas such as automotive technology, culinary arts, business careers, engineering, medical careers, teacher preparation, building trades and more. These courses allow students to potentially earn college credit while in high school.

    •       District 88 students earn more than 1,000 career certifications each year in the areas of agriculture, food and natural resources; human and public services; manufacturing, engineering, technology and trades; finance and business services; and health sciences and technology.

    •       District 88 encourages students to explore and take advantage of the apprenticeships, internships and vocational trainings offered in the district, including the CTE Youth Apprenticeship Program, CNC Machining Fundamentals, the Education Teacher Preparation Program and Heritage Spanish Career Fluency.

    Course selection is a vital part of a student’s high school career, and parental involvement is essential to assist students in making successful academic choices. Families are encouraged to research the district’s Course Listing Guide via SchooLinks (at dupage88.net/site/page/19), a comprehensive college-and-career planning and tracking tool.

    For more information about pathways at District 88, visit dupage88.net/Pathways.