Police investigate mysterious flyers that blanketed town on Saturday

According to a release issued by the City, the Elmhurst Police Department received several calls on the morning of Saturday, Nov. 4 regarding a flyer that was distributed overnight in the driveways of properties, primarily on the southside of Elmhurst.

The flyers were not specifically threatening; however, they were political in nature and included messaging from an antisemitic social media group. The Elmhurst Police Department investigated by canvasing the area, seeking home security video of the person(s) or vehicle(s) involved in this incident.

The City’s release said, “The City of Elmhurst condemns these actions and does not support distribution of hate propaganda of any kind. The City stands for an inclusive and welcoming community where people are treated with dignity and respect.”

Later, the Independent was able to confirm more information from Elmhurst Police Chief Michael McLean, who as part of the investigation.

“The flyers were distributed by unknown person(s) packaging them in bags of rocks, then throwing them from a moving vehicle onto resident’s driveways and public sidewalks,” he said. “First Amendment protected speech is not under law enforcement investigation. The throwing of handbills, advertisements, or litter onto residential property and public sidewalks is prohibited by local ordinance and the Illinois Litter Control Act.

“The distribution of litter in our community is under investigation.” If you or your family are subject to actions like those mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact police by dialing 9-1-1.