Addison receives Chicago Region Trees Initiative Recognition

At the Addison Village Board meeting on Monday, Nov. 7, the Village’s Public Works Department Electrical and Forestry Division was honored for partnering with the Chicago Region Trees Initiative, a coalition of more than 200 public and private agencies including municipalities, conservation groups, and schools with the goal of enhancing urban forestry standards in the Chicagoland area.

“It focuses on many of the [urban forestry programs] that we’re already doing here at the Village,” said Rick Federighi, Village public works director. “Objectives of the initiatives include tree plantings, taking care of trees, pruning cycles, and [assuring a] diverse array of species on each block so one particular disease won’t wipe out an entire canopy. This initiative is bringing [urban forestry] to the forefront.”

A roadway sign indicating the Village’s membership in the Chicago Region Trees Initiative was presented at the meeting to the Forestry Division crew.