ECPA Board Spotlight on Becky Marianetti

Public input sought via online survey


By Dee Longfellow

For The Elmhurst Independent


[Ed. note: This is the second in a series of stories about those who sit on the Board of Directors of the Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts. There is currently a drive to bring more people onto the Board from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels to keep the project moving forward. This series is designed to provide an idea of what other board members are doing and what they enjoy about serving. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board or just need more information, please visit or send an email to: [email protected].]


This week, the Elmhurst Independent would like to introduce ECPA Board member Becky Marianetti.


  1. Please tell us about your own art/theater background. Education?

“I have been performing in theatre since I was in 5th grade, when my friend asked me to audition for our elementary school musical and I begrudgingly said yes. I majored in voice in college and have been teaching and performing my entire life.

“I cannot imagine anything more important than the theatre…..telling stories allows us to explore the human condition; we are all storytellers at heart. Theatre demands that we truly listen to each other and grow from what we experience through these stories. Love, empathy and understanding define us as human beings; it is in the theatre that we are free to explore not only who we are, but who we want to become.”


  1. What drew you to the project of building a Performing Arts Centre?

“My family has lived in Elmhurst for 20 years. How can such an exceptional town not have a theatre? It is time!! ECPA is full of intelligent, creative, and kind leaders who are ready to share this thrilling project with the community.”


  1. What do you enjoy about serving on the Board?

“Truly, I am constantly impressed with the ECPA Board of Directors. It is a group of diligent people who are ready to bring the suburbs a much-deserved venue. People need a safe space to create their art; ECPA is ready to bring this to fruition.”

Two new members joined the EPCA Board of Directors as of March 14.  If anyone is interested in being a part of our history in bringing a performing arts center to reality as a member of our Board of Directors, please email Shawna Roubitchek at [email protected].


ECPA launches community survey for public input

The Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts (ECPA) has launched a community-wide survey to rename the state-of-the-art live performance venue to be built on First Street in Elmhurst.

Through research, ECPA determined the need to rebrand and rename to better highlight the national programming which will be offered at this facility while also reflecting the talent, opportunities, and excitement of the performing arts communities in the western suburbs.  To that end, rebranding was launched in 2021 with a team of branding consultants from the Arts & Business Council Chicago, who led area focus groups through the renaming process.  The result is a community survey which will be released on Thursday, April 21, 2022, and remain open through Sunday, May 15, 2022.

ECPA requests and encourages everyone to take the survey allowing their voice to be heard.

For questions regarding ECPA and the Community Survey, contact Shawna Roubitchek at [email protected].