Dog rescued from Elmhurst house fire

House Fire

Photo by Pete Cruger

Fire Department responds to fire caused by soldering of pipes

Elmhurst – On the afternoon of October 1 at 2:19 p.m., the Elmhurst Fire Department along with mutual aid companies responded to a report of a single-family house fire in the 200 block of North Highland Avenue.

Upon arrival firefighters found smoke and fire coming from the side of the house. There was one occupant in the house who had self-evacuated. The fire was extinguished and the smoke was cleared. One minor injury was reported and treated at the scene and a dog was rescued from the house. It was lucky that there were no serious injuries occurring from the fire and that everyone in the house got out safely.

The fire caused substantial damage to the bathroom and second floor of the home. The fire was caused by the soldering of pipes during a plumbing repair. After the home has been thoroughly inspected and the debris has been cleared away by damage cleaners, the family will need to call in builders as well as electricians and plumbers to come in and re-do the area to the correct specifications. It has not been said yet if the previous plumbing repair that started the fire happened because of what a professional had done or if it was a DIY project by the homeowners, but they will need to contact these companies to have it remodeled and then checked over. To get this started, they may want to research their local businesses or do a Google search such as “the best plumber in Chattanooga“, for example, to prepare for the next steps.

We are sure the family is incredibly grateful for the heroic efforts of the firefighters and that they did everything they could to save the house and the people inside.