By Dee Longfellow

For The Elmhurst Independent

The Elmhurst City Council held its regular meeting on the evening of Monday, Nov. 16, which was held remotely, with all aldermen attending virtually.

On the agenda was a report on the 2020 Tax Levy brought forward by the Finance, Council Affairs and Administrative Services (FCAAS) Committee for approval. The recommendation read as follows:

“It is, therefore, the recommendation of the Finance, Council Affairs and Administrative Services Committee that the City Council approve the City of Elmhurst 2020 tax levy in the amount of $19,913,654, representing a 3.47% increase in the City’s tax levy compared to 2019. “Furthermore, it is the recommendation of the FCAAS Committee that the City Council approve the abatement of all current debt service obligations for the City’s general obligation bonds in the amount of $9,617,050.02.”

“This report recommends a 3.47% increase in the tax levy, which is completely driven by another increase in pension contributions,” said 4th Ward Alderman Noel Talluto, who is Chair of the FCAAS Committee. “The levy for the library remains flat, but we still recommend abating all debt service.

“We try to balance opposing pressures. An upward pressure continues to be felt as we keep funding the police and fire pensions. We are also trying to keep things low for the sake of our residents, especially those who may be struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. We feel it is fair and prudent, it helps the pensions, but keeps the total levy low overall for the residents.”

Talluto went on to further explain the report.

“For an average homeowner, the 3.47% would amount to about another $36 each year in taxes,” she said. “The property tax bill will reflect separate line items. The City’s line item will show a 7% decrease, the Library line is flat or zero percent, and the pension line has a 10.4% increase. That makes for a total combined increase of 3.47%.”

The measure passed 12-0 with one absent and one vacant seat.


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