This Memorial Day, the City of Elmhurst will be commemorating fallen veterans in a very special and safe way.

Many of us look forward to the Elmhurst Memorial Day Parade, which includes participation from nearly 100 organizations and countless spectators. For more than 100 years, Elmhurst has proudly come together to pay respects and honor for those who have fallen. To continue with our traditions in a safe manner, the City of Elmhurst is planning the “2020 Always Remember Memorial Day Convoy.”

The convoy will include first responder emergency vehicles and preselected special service and military vehicles only.

The route will cover 16 miles of Elmhurst with vehicles passing through each Ward, beginning at 10 a.m.

Spectators are urged to participate in a variety of safe ways:

• Show your support by decorating the front of your home which could include posting your flag and adding a ribbon to your parkway tree. Ribbons will be available to pick up at the Elmhurst American Legion for a donation starting on Tuesday, May 12 every day from 12 noon – 1 p.m.

• On Memorial Day at 5 p.m., a prerecorded ceremony along with footage from the convoy will be available to watch on Elmhurst TV’s YouTube page. This will also be available to watch on Comcast and AT&T U-Verse at a later time.

• If your home is on the route, please consider parking your car at the end of your driveway and decorating your vehicle. You can turn your flashers on and wave as the convoy goes by.

The route is within a quarter mile walk from most any home in Elmhurst and will traverse many open public parking lots.  Feel free to take a walk to the route or find a public parking lot on the route to park your vehicle and watch the 2020 Always Remember Memorial Day Convoy.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRACTICE PROPER SOCIAL DISTANCING AND SAFETY MEASURES. Stand at least 6 feet apart from one another and wear facemasks.

Please join in the commemoration of the day in a safe and smart manner.


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