Suspect claims to have virus, threatens to ‘cough on people’

On March 15, a complainant at a pharmacy in the 100 block of N. Robert Palmer told police at around 4:11 p.m., during a phone call discussing the suspect’s prescription, the suspect became upset and made a statement that he “had the Coronavirus and would come in and cough on people.” The suspect related the complainant misunderstood him and that he did not want to follow the complainant’s instructions to come into the store due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The suspect was issued a no trespass notice.

Alleged gang members holding bats surround victim 

On March 15, a victim in the 400 block of N. Oaklawn told police at around 6:46 p.m. that while walking home, he was approached by two vehicles with a total of three occupants. The suspects stepped out of the vehicles and began walking toward him with baseball bats in their hands. The victim stated the suspects did not swing the bats at him but they claimed to be gang members. The victim’s father arrived to pick him up as the suspects approached.

Man charged with disorderly conduct later arrested for criminal defacement

On March 13, Trevor M Wukasch, 37, of Villa Park, was charged with disorderly conduct at a fitness center in the 100 block of S. West at around 8:37 a.m. Police said officers located the suspect sitting in the passenger seat of his blue Silverado. The suspect admitted to changing his underwear in the parking lot outside of his truck, according to police. 

Then on March 15, Wukasch was charged with criminal defacement of property in the 100 block of N. Addison at around 9:57 a.m. Police said a reporting officer responded to the seventh floor of the Addison Parking Deck for a report of graffiti. The reporting officer discovered 13 concrete panels with markings on them. While at the scene, police said officers located Wukasch and placed him under arrest.

Found slumped behind wheel, man charged with DUI-drugs

Ryan Mages, 39, of Fox Lake, was charged with DUI-drugs and obstructing justice near West and St. Charles at around 11:22 p.m. Police said that subsequent to the report of a subject slumped behind the wheel, Mages was found to be driving while under the influence of drugs. According to police, a drug recognition expert determined that Mages had been under the influence of cannabis and narcotics.


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