In a proactive response to COVID-19, Mayor Steve Morley along with three aldermen have called a special meeting to discuss potential civil emergency declaration plans.

Although the regular City Council meeting was cancelled, a special meeting was held on Monday, March 16, at which City officials were to discuss an ordinance that grants the Mayor temporary emergency executive powers to amend the City’s code to call for a civil emergency declaration. 

Current State statutory law has specific requirements, which restrict most remote or electronic attendance for Alderman at city council meetings. A temporary change in code will allow for emergency action in the event that city council does not have the ability to meet to approve emergency operating procedures.

The ordinance defines the necessary and appropriate established standards in determining if a state of emergency exists and allows the Mayor to temporarily exercise limited power and executive order during the possible state of emergency.  If necessary, the declaration will be used to ensure that the effects of COVID-19 are mitigated and minimized and that residents and visitors in the City remain safe and secure.

Examples of these limited orders or regulations that could be declared in a civil emergency include temporary suspension or relocation of all City Council, Commission and Board Meetings, the ability to make provisions for temporary emergency housing, approval for applying for local, state or federal assistance, approval to transfer functions of City departments and agencies during the event that disaster services are needed, and the ability to close public facilities, along with any other action deemed reasonable and necessary to address the civil emergency.

If approved, the ordinance establishing temporary executive power will expire at the next regular City Council meeting unless extended for due cause by the City Council.

City Council Members will vote to expire or extend the ordinance at the subsequent regular City Council meeting.

Residents are encouraged to watch the Mayor’s address to the residents of Elmhurst, which will be streamed live on YouTube @ElmhurstTV, live on AT&T Uverse Channel 99 and on Comcast Channel 6 at a later time.


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