By Dee Longfellow

For The Elmhurst Independent

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, the Elmhurst City Council held its regular meeting in Council Chambers at City Hall. The meeting was held on Tuesday rather than Monday as usual to recognize the Dr. Martin Luther King Day holiday.

• Mayor Steve Morley introduced the Mayor for a Day, Genevieve Skokolski, a 4th at Lincoln School, who had been shadowing the “real” mayor all day.
“We toured City Hall,” Morley said, “we even broke in on Alderman Talluto and the Cub Scouts. The family joined me for dinner and we had a very nice time.

“And she wants to be a lawyer!”

The mayor praised Genevieve on a good job opening the meeting.

“It takes a lot of guts to stand up here and do that. I spend a lot of time with her and her family today and I think the future is in good shape with her and her sister.”

• At the direction of “Mayor” Genevieve, the Cub Scouts from Pack 78 at Edison School came to the front of the room and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Cub Scouts had spent time at City Hall earlier in the day meeting with 4th Ward Alderman Noel Talluto.

• Jackie Haddad-Tamer was sworn in as Elmhurst City Clerk at the meeting. She was appointed to the seat formerly held by the late Patty Spencer by Mayor Steve Morley. The full Council then voted to accept his appointment. Jackie took her place on the dais and took over Clerk duties for the remainder of the meeting. Jackie is the daughter of Emil and the late Jackie Haddad.

• During announcements, 4th Ward Alderman Kevin York pointed out that Elmhurst College’s basketball team is currently the #4 ranked basketball team for Division #3 this year. 


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