Here are some of the comments in this week’s Speak Out section. To see all of the comments, pick up a copy of this week’s paper.

Way to go, Lombardian. The roads were closed because of a big bike race, and there was nothing in the Lombardian about this. I had to spend a lot of time getting out of town when it would have been nice to know about these road closures ahead of time. Thank you.
Editors’ note: The Lombardian did not receive prior notice about the event, and though it was mentioned at the July 18 village board meeting, our next edition came out July 25.

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To the caller who complained about immigrants, FDR said to a crowd, Welcome fellow immigrants. The only true Americans are the American Indians and what did we do to them? We put them on reservations where they still are today. We should all be ashamed. Thank you.
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The current Lombard library site is 1.19 acres. They wanted to build a 50,000-square-foot building there. Absolutely no parking at this location. Then the library said they needed 5 acres of land from the park district for a building and a parking lot. Now they want to buy the former Mr. Z’s property. This location is 1.92 acres. With insufficient parking. If they can build on 1.19 and 1.92 then why be greedy and demand 5 acres from the park district. This is the library board’s problem, they created this by lack of planning and vision and an incompetent executive director. It is time to get their act together or give us our money back. The residents of Lombard are tired of the misfeasance of the library board. Either get it done the right way or quit the board.
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How ironic that many of the Democrats clamoring for impeachment are advising illegal aliens how to break the law. If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.


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