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I saw the good news on Channel 7. Tom Cullerton indicted for 41 counts. I hope he goes to jail for a long, long time. By the way. This is Villa Park calling.

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Hi. I am very concerned citizen. I read in the news of a Daniel Waters, 22, allegedly in possession of illegal materials that could make a bomb. His bond is $100,000 and he gets to pay 10 percent of that to get out of jail. I believe that when the state requested it to be a $1 million bond that they are correct. It should be a $1 million bond. I do not want someone like this man in neighborhood, around my children.
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How does that quote go? I screamed at God for the starving child until I saw the starving child was God screaming at me. Our prayers to Juan, Darlyn, Jakelin, Felipe, Wilmer and Carlos—six children who died in while in the custody of our federal government while in detention on the border.
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So our local politicians want to reduce the burden of our high property taxes? I don’t see how that will ever happen. It’s been so much lip service from every politician to pass through DuPage County. All talk and no walk. Look at the biggest slice of your tax pie. It’s schools. What politician is willing to tell the school districts they can’t have as much or have to make cuts and God forbid, make do like the people who pay their salaries? The only other way I see to cut taxes is reduce tax rates, but then the other slices of that pie suffer also. Well, I am suffering as a result of the high property taxes, so all I know is, reduce that bottom line for us taxpayers, please.


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