Here are a few of the SPEAK OUT comments in the July 11 paper. To see all of the comments, pick up a copy of this week’s Lombardian.

In Lombard’s District Two Foxworth subdivision we can’t believe what a lousy look the contractor chose with the bright white color of the curbs he’s replacing. Visitors, homeowners and Realtors say we’ve lost our curb appeal with these white patch jobs all over. I hope our trustee Puccio sees this and it doesn’t happen someplace else. We’re not happy.
The Village of Lombard submitted the following response: “The Village will be paving several roadways within the Foxworth Subdivision this summer. In advance of the paving, damaged/deficient sections of curb and sidewalk are replaced. This is standard Village policy.
“It’s important that insufficient, or damaged materials are replaced, in order to provide residents with safe and reliant roadways for years to come. In response to this Speak Out call, Village staff inspected the location and found that normal procedures and materials are being utilized.
“While the newer concrete and its sealant are brighter when first applied, the concrete will weather when exposed to the elements, and the contrast between the existing concrete and the fresh concrete will become less apparent.
“Please feel free to call Public Works at 630-620-5740 with your question during regular business hours, or leave a voicemail with a phone number, and someone will respond to your question.”

* * *

So the library was going to build on the few acres they have, but now insist on 5 acres in a land swap, saying it’s for parking and possible future expansion? They were perfectly satisfied to build on the existing plot, and didn’t seem too worried about parking. And going forward, they are already thinking about expansion? Build it right the first time with future needs in mind so we taxpayers won’t have to be burdened with another possible tax increase for expansion.
* * *

I just had to respond to this holier-than-thou caller in Speak Out who says there’s a special place in hell for Donald Trump and all those who continue to support him for what’s being done to these children on the border. Wow! This self-righteous caller I’m sure takes everything they see on CNN and MSNBC as gospel. People have been breaking the law by crossing the southern border illegally for over 30 years. I’m guessing the caller has no problem with them breaking the law. I feel sorry for the poor children that are caught in the middle, but I lay the blame directly on their parents or whoever else puts these children in this type of situation. Their parents shouldn’t be in this country in the first place unless they are here legally. I also blame Congress and past presidents, Republican and Democrat, who’ve done nothing to secure the border. Border patrol agents and processing centers along the border are overwhelmed and doing their best, but you won’t hear that on CNN or MSNBC because they hate Trump. They stopped over 100,000 illegals along the U.S.-Mexican border in April alone, by the way.
* * *

Are you sitting down? I have some news for you. It’s summertime, and it’s hot outside. Here’s another news flash: it was very cold in these parts during the winter. In other news here in the Midwest, we had storms during the spring. The so-called climate change zealots want you to believe there is some emergency that has to be dealt with, as if severe weather is something new. It isn’t. Would it surprise you to know there were heat waves, blizzards, tornadoes, floods, droughts, etc., in the 1980s, the 1880s, the 1780s, and so on? The dishonest zealots, of course, want you to think the weather was never a problem until a few years ago.
* * *

Boy, I sure do miss the Taste of Lombard.


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