Here are a few of the comments in this week’s SPEAK OUT section. Pick up this week’s Lombardian/Villa Park Review to read all of the comments…

Lombard calling. I notice there’s someone in Speak Out who calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump just about every week. If I was Speaker of the House, I’d start drawing up articles of impeachment against this idiot! Get a life!

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Hi. I’m a Lombard resident. I had this unhappy incident. I was trying to go to Target off Highland and I had a hard time finding the entrance. The car behind me started honking the horn so badly because I wasn’t going fast enough. I entered the Westin entrance and I slowed to let them go and they harassed me so badly. I followed them and when they stopped I stopped too and told them I am and elderly person and I have the right to drive and I was driving the right way. They told me to get off the road. They were both not that young, either. I went to Target crying. The people at Target were so nice and have some compassion for the elderly. Thank you very much. Bye.
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So reports say expanded gambling could bring in $1 billion in revenue for the state? Then how come we taxpayers are going to get taxed to death anyway? Why not see how the gambling thing plays out before picking our pockets even more? And property tax relief? Yeah, right. When did any governing body ever willingly give us a break, except maybe the county water commission, and it seems some school district in Lisle actually was going to give their taxpayers a break through a referendum. And Conroy’s statement that 99 percent of the state’s taxpayers will get some relief on their income taxes? I highly doubt it. And don’t forget, if this fair tax amendment passes, they will be able to jack up the rates whenever, without our consent. Please vote no when the time comes.


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