Here are a few of the SPEAK OUT comments in the June 20 paper. To see all of the comments, pick up a copy of this week’s paper.

Hello, I’m wondering if anything is being done to regulate the scrap metal collectors who are in our neighborhoods on garbage day. I know this is not the biggest thing in the world; and I actually even leave things out. However, last week they took my metal can that had garbage in it. It’s not out there for recycling. It was for my extra garbage. Perhaps these people need to be licensed and regulated. Thank you.
The following is a response from the Village of Lombard: “Scrap collectors operate as individuals and the practice of scrap collection is an unregulated industry. Operators come from multiple locations and in most cases are not registered businesses. As such, it is impossible to identify the collectors let alone regulate and license them. To do so is not something that the Village is staffed or able to manage. However, it is unfortunate that your garbage can is missing. Please contact the Lombard Police Department to file a police report for this, and any theft, at 630-873-4400. To help avoid such situations, receptacles may be marked with your address and “Do Not Take.” Additional information about solid waste matters is at”—JAC

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This love-fest that Democrat presidential candidates had over the weekend in South Carolina was a joke. They’re talking about cancelling student debt, free college education for all, reparations for descendants of slaves, open borders, universal healthcare and gutting the economy to save us from climate change because the almighty AOC says we’re all going to die in 12 years. All this begs the question: How are you geniuses going to pay for all this? These socialists like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the rest must think all this money is somehow going to appear out of thin air. I think Donald Trump is a rude, narcissistic jerk, but I’d vote for Trump before I’d vote for any of these clueless socialists on the other side.
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To the person who refers to separation of church and state when it comes to abortion, and that the Buddhist and Jewish religions aren’t being pushed on others, I assume you mean that Christians are trying to push their views. It’s not a matter of religion. It’s a morality issue. One doesn’t have to subscribe to any particular religion — or may even be of the atheist or agnostic persuasion — to live by a moral code. And like another caller said, except for a medical reason, how is the killing of a viable human being, with a beating heart, considered “reproductive health”? I don’t hear legislators coming forward to justify their reasoning on that part of the bill, or why we taxpayers should be forced to pay for something to which we are morally opposed.
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