Here are a few of the SPEAK OUT comments in the June 20 paper. To see all of the comments, pick up a copy of this week’s paper.

In regard to abortion, it is the law, but here is what I think should be done. I think that once a person reaches the end of his or her useful life and becomes a burden to their children and society with high medical bills and the government having to pay so much in their health care, I think the children and the government should be allowed to euthanize unproductive people. Have a nice day.

* * *

I read Sen. Suzy Glowiak’s support of this Reproductive Health Act in the Lombardian (June 13 issue). One of the most asinine things she said in her defense of this horrible law is that, “As a woman, I have the right to make decisions in the interests of my own health and not be forced to request permission from a man.” Glowiak and pro-abortion zealots like her who want elective abortions even up to the birth of the child make stupid statements like this because they want to dismiss or silence anyone that dares to have an opposing viewpoint, whether they’re men or women. But I do have to give Glowiak credit. At least she stands behind her vote. I haven’t seen any statements in the paper from our other state representatives Deb Conroy, Terra Costa Howard and Tom Cullerton, and they all voted for this, too. If you’re all so proud of this law, step up and tell us why you voted for it.

* * *

As was promised last week, here is my shout out of approval for Gov. Pritzker for standing with our brave legislators who passed the Reproductive Health Act by signing it into law on Wednesday, June 12, thus protecting women’s health and rights, and also protecting the doctors who provide that health care from lengthy felony penalties. It’s also nice that the new law re-emphasizes that a married woman is not the property of her husband and because they were both seemingly challenged for their support of the RHA, I’d like to say to Deb Conroy and Terra Costa Howard, there is plenty of support for your position of compassion for women in difficult situations. If anyone is wondering what I am talking about, I direct your attention to two heart-wrenching article written with compassion and care written by Angie Leventis Lourgos and published recently by the Chicago Tribune.

* * *

This is Lombard calling. We heard a great musical program at the Lombard Historical Society last Wednesday night; the Chicago Swedish Glee Club sang a variety of upbeat and patriotic songs that were just a delight to hear. They are a terrific singing group and we are really glad that we came in spite of all the rain that night.


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