The Boy Scouts of America has announced on October 11 that starting in 2018 they will admit girls into Cub Scouts and in 2019 will add them to Boy Scouts. However, today girls who are at least 10 to 14 years old may join the Elmhurst Exploring Club number 1 right now and prepare themselves for the adventures of Boy Scouts. Exploring Club #1 is part of Elmhurst Scouts, which includes Venturing Crew 711 (which is already co-ed) and Boy Scout Troop 117.

Exploring Club 1 was formed earlier in 2017 by leaders of Troop 117 and Crew 711 and is registered with Pathway to Adventure Council and is part of the Go Exploring initiative.  Girls in Exploring Club 1 learn the same scouting skills that Boy Scouts  the same age do, just as they will when BSA officially opens to girls in 2019. The Exploring Club participates in most of the activities of Troop 117, including monthly campouts. The hope is that with the recent news that our Elmhurst Exploring girls will be prepared to become among the first girls to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

“We applaud the national leaders of Boy Scouts for taking this important step to open the world of Boy Scouts to girls and open new opportunities for adventure and leadership development for them,” said John Lothian, Exploring Club #1 advisor.

Some of the members of Exploring Club 1 are also Girl Scouts, and the opportunities of the club allow them to participate in some of the more adventurous activities that are often not available to them. Exploring club members are encouraged to continue in Girl Scouts and earn the Gold Award if they are motivated to do so.

Girls interested in learning more about Exploring Club #1, or Venturing Crew 711, should contact John Lothian at


Submitted by John Lothian

Committee Member Crew Advisor Club Advisor Nominating Committee Chair

Boy Scout Troop 117 Venture Crew 711 Exploring Club #1 Pathway to Adventure Council


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