The Addison Police Department will conduct a Roadside Safety Checkpoint, Friday, July 14, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Saturday, July 15.

Vehicles traveling eastbound on Lake Street/US Route 20 at John F. Kennedy Blvd. will be

stopped in a pre-established, systematic fashion for a brief inspection of safety and driver

violations. Police will check vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, proof of insurance, and

driver sobriety in addition to vehicle safety violations.

The purpose of conducting the Roadside Safety Checkpoint is to enhance the safety of the

motoring public in the Village of Addison. A statewide coordinated effort to reduce drinking and

driving is underway and the Addison Police Department is a proud partner in this venture.

The hope is that citizens can look at this minor inconvenience as their contribution to the safety

of the motoring public and their opportunity to be part of the solution.

If you have any questions or request additional information, please contact Sergeant Dennis

Kotlinski at 630- 543-3080.


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